Straight off the Runway

Fashion month, as the fashion industry lovingly refers to September, has come to a close and trend reports are popping up left and right. So what should we be expecting on racks in the next few months? Here we have broken down some of the hottest trends and transformed them into livable spaces. Find out how you can have the most “fashionable” home below!

1. Neon

In-Home Tip: Stick to one or two pieces to use this bright trend. A colorful nightstand or wall art areĀ great places to start!

2. Animal Print

In-Home Tip: Stick to one animal print per room. Don’t mix these patterns!

3. Beach VibesĀ 

In-Home Tip: Try not to be too literal with this one. Unless you actually live at the beach, leave the seashells in the sand and not on your shelf. You can evoke beachy vibes through soft colors and wooden pieces!


Huntington I.D

Huntington I.D is a Tulsa based interior design studio driven by their sophisticated, high-end style.

Tracy Huntington

Tracy Huntington, owner of Huntington Interior Design, is known for her sophisticated eye for style. Her aesthetic as an interior designer has propelled her firm to the top of the high-end residential and commercial markets, as well as to the TV screen on HGTV.